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Linux console commands

Lesson 1: Listing Files and Directories

Command is typed at the command line. When ENTER key is pressed, the command will be interpreted by the shell and then sent to the system. Here, we also will discuss some options that are used for the command.

pwd print present working directory as set by the cd built-in command
cd change directory

  • cd .
    - means stay where you are

  • cd ..
    -will take you one directory up the hierarchy. .. means the parent of the current directory

  • cd ~
    - change to home directory
ls lists the contents of current working directory

Command with option:
  • ls -a
    - list all files (including hidden files) in current directory
  • ls -l
    - long list files

*** ~ also indicates home directory. (E.g.: ls ~/directory)
mkdir make a new directory

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